Strategic partnerships

Since its inception, Laptech has sought to establish broad and wide partnerships with leading technology companies to provide
the most and the best qualified services to our valuable customers

Our Services

We at Laptech are proud to provide our customer services and we are always seek to get their satisfaction
with the quality and effectiveness of our services


Technical support services

Includes services after sales, technical and advisory support to run businesses and systems and many other technical resources .


Vocational training

Helping to prepare youths and job seekers and raise efficiency state sectors employees to suit the labor market .


Technical supplies

It includes all the technical equipments as all types of computers devices ,communication equipments and data centers and other.


STelecommunication sector

Supplying and installing all the equipment of linking the main towers, and home signaling equipment and anything related to telecommunication equipments .


Software development

Development, programming, creating control systems and management systems for companies and institutions of both public and private sectors.


Safety and security

Installing Integrated visual surveillance systems and emergency systems and gates and other related professional security.


Laptech has contributed to many technical projects that range from the supply of cctv
office devices and others as well as infrastructure projects

Cctv unit
Multiple supplies
Accredited entities
Technical projects

Business list

During the time of its work, Laptech has accomplished many works that had the attraction of customers
in many fields of technology also it was noted and distinguished through its mastering and fast implementation


Visual surveillance systems Supply and installing of visual surveillance systems for Tripoli University

Supplies and office equipments

Huge supply with uncompetitive prices - Tripoli University

Control rooms and monitoring

Supply and installing of control and monitoring rooms both main and sub - Tripoli University

Safety and security systems

Supply and installation of a gate and a submersible - Tripoli University

saap systems

Servers and partitions

Supply and installing of servers affiliated to the company's different projects

Wi-fi project for the university

Supply and installing of the wifi project for the university

Supply the pre-payment systems

Supply devices to deal with prepaid cards for Tafany company

Partner's Feedback

In Laptech we are always proud of our partners' trust in our organization and always working on broader partnerships
that ensure the best product and the best performance within the local market

Ruan Coetzee

The direct administrator for bensik company in South Africa

Laptech considers to be an official and effective partner for us in North Africa and also a major supplier for bosh products in the region .

Regional director

Laptech has been an effective and special partner in the Middle East and we are always looking for strengthening relations between us

We highly recommend dealing with our special partners Laptech due to their special services that makes it a trusted and guaranteed place to provide our original products. .


Public relations of the Middle East

Laptech has been an effective and special partner in the Middle East and we are always looking for strengthening relations between us .



Laptech welcomes contacting its customers and always seek to provide the best for its clients
For any further inquiry please use one of the following methods for contact.


Hai Damascus - behind Alkhadra hospital
tripoli _ libya


0217137031 - 0217137031


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